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Times Management: Capture all of your times data in one place

Store all of your times data from practice and meets in a single database, share it with your team and gain valuable insight.


Automatically import results from meets

Upload meet result files and instantly sync times across all of your participating swimmers. Analyze progress through the meet dashboard, with individual and team scores.

Record times live at practice with the app

Capture times from practice using the in-app stopwatch feature. Easily select your swimmers and event line-up then the app automatically generates heats. Simply tap the screen to start and stop.


Manually add times from any scenario

Easily add times from anywhere on the web and mobile app. Tag the times for context so you know where they are coming from. Import csv files to bulk add times.

Share your times data with the team

Take times from the whiteboard, loose-leaf paper and spread sheets and share them with your parents and swimmers instantly. Deliver progress to your members in real-time.

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Ready to manage your times data?

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