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Swimmer Engagement: Increase your team's investment in the sport.

Capture your team's attention through a rewarding, game-inspired experience that feels like a video game, but isn't a gimmick.


Profiles for swimmers and parents

Give your team access to their practice and meet times data in a way that is exciting and keeps everyone involved. Automatically communicate the progress that's being made.

Speak the language of this generation

Modern youth athletes are engrossed in technology that apply game-like features or are games themselves. Connect deeper with your athletes by bringing the same experience to swimming.


Encourage development where you want it

Swimmers receive event, stroke and overall scores based on the events you choose for the team. Your athletes will participate in the areas you want to increase their rank.

Instill a sense of fun toward training 

Training can be grueling, but it's imperative to be great. Applying game design to our sport makes the grind to greatness more manageable and not just for those at the very top.


Ready to increase your team engagement?

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