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Coaches & Clubs


  • ​Unlimited team members

  • Comprehensive ranking system

  • Built-in stopwatch

  • Leaderboard

  • Weekly Tournaments



30-day Free Trial

  • Track your skill level in every stroke

  • Compete in weekly tournaments

  • Move up the leaderboard

  • View history of events


Coming soon!

  • View your swimmers profiles

  • Get notified when they drop time and rank up

  • View history of times in each event

How our pricing works

Most team-based software charges the program director per athlete. We wanted to make SwimWarrior accessible to all clubs, without requiring teams to increase their monthly dues to support the extra cost. SwimWarrior is free for coaches and clubs. Swimmers pay $5.99/mo if they want to view their data.


If swimmers/parents on the team don't want to pay for the app, they can simply unsubscribe and the coach/club can continue using the platform with them on the team. The swimmers/parents won't be able to view their data from their device unless they pay, but coaches will always have access to that swimmer's profile and may continue recording their times, etc.

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