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Performance Tracking: Measure swimmers' skill level and progress

Analyze your swimmers holistically, identify areas for improvement and track their history of times in every event.


Quantify every swimmers' skill level

Calculate your swimmers' objective skill level with the robust ranking system. Reveal their overall, stroke and event scores and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Track progress over time in all events

Analyze a swimmer's times history for each event from practice and meets. Sort results by date or rank depending on the context of the review.

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Identify areas for growth potential

Promote a growth mindset and long-term development through participation in all events you choose. Encourage swimmers to compete in events they have no or lower ranks in.

Provide clear, attainable goals to aim for

Everyone matures at their own rate or starts the sport at different times in their life. Give your members a framework in which they can personally thrive with goals that are in reach.


Ready to track performance?

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