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Team Organization: Optimize your team for better training and competition.

SwimWarrior helps teams better organize their training groups and practice sessions without costing more time for coaches.


Set clear benchmarks for training groups

Provide clear expectations for what it takes to reach the next training group. Utilize a wide variety of events to determine swimmers' overall capability and save time on test sets.

Adjust sets based on group skill range

Design workouts for the full range of skill levels involved in your training groups. Easily create alternative versions of sets based on the overall and stroke specific ranks of the group.


Challenge training groups to achieve together

Encourage your training groups to strive for higher group overall and stroke ranks. Set group goals for your swimmers to collectively strive for.

Improve the process of goal setting

SwimWarrior gives teams the perfect format for setting personal, achievable goals. Make use of the structured ranking system to work with athletes to set individualized goals that are in reach.


Ready to better organize your team?

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