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Ranking System: The most effective tool for engagement

Whether you're looking to motivate or engage your team members, game-inspired ranking systems allow you to do it far more successfully.


Transform the sport into a game

Game-like reward systems allow you to enhance the sport of swimming. Swimmers are more invested in their rankings than traditional time standards, and it's easier for everyone to follow.

Personalize every swimmer's experience

No two swimmers are alike in their journey from beginner to avid. Give each and every swimmer on your team their own unique, personal experience with the sport.

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Choose which events determine player scores

Select from a list of 26 events for scy, scm and lcm. Swimmers receive event, stroke and overall scores based on their performance across your team's event selection.

Analyze performance far beyond times

Deeply understand the skill level of every swimmer on your team. See where there are opportunities for improvement, provide a road map for goal-setting and objective benchmarks for training groups.

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Ready to use the Ranking System?

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