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Swimming is a game,
but it doesn't feel
like one.

SwimWarrior is a web and mobile app that transforms the sport of swimming into an engaging and rewarding game-like experience.


Enjoyed by teams across the country


SwimWarrior makes swimming fun

The SwimWarrior Scoring and Ranking System creates an engaging and rewarding experience for your swimmers and their families.

Motivate and engage

Capture your swimmers' attention through a rewarding, game-like experience.

Celebrate progress

Recognize and reward every small improvement, instilling a sense of accomplishment.

Provide structure

Provide an organized framework to monitor progress, set goals and identify areas for growth.


Increase retention

Ranking systems help increase retention in their activities by providing meaningful rewards for their players, regardless of their skill level.


Improve participation

When players have goals they want to reach, they engage with their activity more frequently, increasing practice attendance and event exploration.


Progress faster

Activities with well balanced and exciting ranking systems have been proven to increase the speed of progression of their participants.


SwimWarrior is a coach's best friend

Effortlessly engage, analyze, rank and motivate your team across your choice of 26 events for scy, scm and lcm.

3 categories of ranking

Fully understand every swimmer's skill level with event, stroke and overall scores and rankings.

Times management

Import meet times and record practice times live with the in-app stopwatch.

Team communication

Accounts for everyone on your team to stay connected to the progress they're making.

“SwimWarrior has had a huge impact on our team. Our swimmers come to practice ready to race and look forward to trying out new events."

Patrick Park

Coach, Chapparel HS

Ranking system

Powerful analysis tool

Easily measure the skill level of every swimmer on your team across all strokes and distances. Measure your swimmers holistically with overall, stroke and event scores and rankings.

times management.png

Times management

Capture times data from everywhere

Save time by bringing all of your times data into one place. Easily import meet result files and record times live at practice with the in-app stopwatch.


Easily record times live at practice

Select any number of events and the swimmers you are timing and the app autogenerates heats. Simply tap the screen to start and stop the race. Assign times to swimmers after the race.


Pace charts

Color system pace charts for all strokes

Save time on test sets used to calculate energy zone paces. Download our pace charts corresponding to the levels in our ranking system for both men and women for all strokes, including medley.

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