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Time swimmers, track improvement

SwimWarrior makes it easy to track swimmers' progress in every stroke. Here's how it works.

Coaches and swimmers download the app from Apple or Google on their devices, create accounts and join the team using your unique team code.

1. Create Account


2. Manage Team


Coaches invite or accept swimmers and other coaches to the roster. Coaches create and assign training groups.

Coaches time multiple swimmers at once using a stopwatch in 16 sprint events. These events are a 25, 50, 75 and 100 of each stroke.

3. Record Times


Swimmers results are displayed on a leaderboard from highest to lowest overall score. View a swimmer's rank in every stroke and event. 

4. Leaderboard


5. Tournaments

Every week, 6 events are chosen for the weekly tournament. Swimmers compete on leaderboards for every event and total highpoint.

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