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Make swimming fun.

SwimWarrior is committed to transforming the sport of swimming into the game of swimming. Our mission is to bring a new competitive experience to the world, all through mobile.


Our Story

We swam competitively growing up, through college and beyond. We then coached and continue to do so. Through this journey we have fallen in love with the activity of swimming. We love the feeling of the water, the uniqueness of the 4 strokes, the therapy that is "going for a swim." Swimming is a major component in our lives.

But swimming can be a grind and it can be boring. We believe this doesn't have to be the case. We think swimming needs new events, a new way to measure skill and a completely new way to compete; not as an individual, but as a squad! Our experience in the sport as both swimmers and coaches has inspired us to work towards elevating the experience of its participants!

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