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Ranking System

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How it works

The SwimWarrior ranking system is based on swimmers' times, with faster times leading to higher ranks. There are three types of ranks assigned to swimmers: overall rank, stroke rank, and event rank. The overall rank is determined using their best times in every event, while the stroke rank is calculated based on their best times in every event for a specific stroke. To achieve the highest possible rank, swimmers must compete in all events.​

There are 8 ranks to the system. These are Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challenger and Master. Within each rank there are 4 tiers (Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III and Diamond IV). Within each tier there are 4 divisions (Diamond I -I, Diamond I-II, Diamond I-III and Diamond I -IV). Below you will find the minimum times required to reach each tier.

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